Welcome to Rene’s Research!

When I am not outside digging around in the dirt or moving rocks, I am inside digging around in history and solving puzzles.

I have always had a fascination with genealogy and genetics. I love mysteries and puzzles. Genealogy to me is just a big puzzle with a few mysteries thrown in.
Who were my ancestors? What have they passed down to me? What do I have in common with or how do I differ from my siblings, cousins and other relatives?

Imagine my delight when the testing of DNA and Genealogy came together!

As my husband can attest I can and do spend hours, days, weeks immersed in details of people who have come before.
He just shakes his head as cemeteries catch my eye on trips. Walking through a cemetery is such a peaceful interlude. Who was that person, what did they do in their life, who are their relatives?

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to know where they came from, who their family is.
I have seen from firsthand experience how knowing who your ancestors are makes a difference in how a person feels.
I have watched people who have had the question answered become more centered, more grounded and more confident in themselves.
Yes, you are your own person and who you are is a result of all the choices you have made in your lifetime, but knowing your family history also plays a part in how you feel you belong.

I have had people contact me asking for help with finding their biological family; finding information on that mystery grandparent or great grandparent or help getting started.
How do you look at the tree and not get overwhelmed by the forest?
Some people are stuck and some just aren’t interested in weeding through all the matches or data out there to find the puzzle piece that applies to their situation. And some just don’t have the time.

If any of these things apply to you, I can help.

Contact me and we will talk.